Living in Financial Abundance, A Financial Therapy Course

Money isn't everything... but it certainly helps!

Financial stress is a constant companion for many of us, whether in small ways (“I wish I could afford that handbag”) or big ways (“I’ll never be able to retire”). Living in Financial Abundance answers the question millions of Americans ask themselves every day: Why aren’t I satisfied with my money...and my life? Even if we earn “enough,” many of us are perpetually stressed out about finances. It affects every aspect of our lives and can lead to conflict, anxiety, and frustration. The solution, argues financial therapist Laurie Johnson, isn’t more money. It lies in understanding your unique relationship with money and learning how to create more joy and satisfaction, with any amount.

Living in Financial Abundance is a guide to cultivating wellbeing in every aspect of life. Laurie has connected the dots between financial health and emotional health, creating the ultimate workbook for people who are ready to stop living in fear and start living in abundance.

Inside are tools to help you discover:

  • How your history influences the way you see money
  • Why earning more money won’t necessarily make you happier
  • Your true values and priorities—and how to embrace them to improve your life satisfaction
  • How to form rewarding new money habits and attitudes

In addition, you'll receive tactical tips, tools, and techniques, including:

  • How to create a budget that works with your lifestyle
  • Small financial changes that lead to big payoffs
  • The secret to increasing your savings without noticing
  • Financial communication techniques that will end the arguments about money

With her relatable, friend-to-friend style, Laurie shares transformative ideas that lead to breakthrough moments. Whether you need a little tweak or a whole new plan, Living in Financial Abundance delivers.